Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Summer Recap :: Part 2

Or should I just call this June recap? When I started going through Part 2 of my pictures, I realized that A LOT of stuff happened on Memorial Day weekend and in the month of June. So I guess this might be more than a 2 part series. You're welcome.

Before we left for Memorial Day weekend we took a family walk around the lake and spotted a deer, it was only a few feet away from us, but Lola was entranced. It's just to the right of the small grayish tree.

We got more pictures of this little bundle of joy.

And spent our Memorial day weekend with the Dele.

and these ladies were there too. The best sisters-in-law a girl could ask for.

We took a night time boat ride out on Lake Okoboji- Lola was more concerned with the ride than posing with me.

And at the end of it all, we got home and took one more family walk and watched the sunset.

I then found these big bones at the store that I figured would take Lola at least 2 weeks to get through, it lasted 3 days.

We did a landscaping project in our backyard, which we'll finish next spring...

We took our new bikes our for a spin...

and purchased helmets to go with those bikes. Which Ryan felt the need to wear one night while we were drinking wine. I guess better to be safe than sober.

And made a handful of bonfires this summer.

Lola got to accompany me to work for C+M's second annual Take Your Dog To Work Day.

Lissa and Aaron came to visit....

and we all went to the Aerosmith concert.

We relaxed at Riley Lake Beach.

And took in a musical at the local park,

which was followed by fireworks at one of our favorite trails.

Man- what a month! And I think its safe to say that July and August were just as busy :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Summer Recap :: Part 1

Before we get too far into fall and pumpkins and baby stuff (oh yeah, I'm pregnant), I wanted to recap our summer fun in 3 quick and easy picture posts.

Our summer was FANTASTIC- since the weather this February/March was pretty mild, the nice weather started nice and early this year and lasted all the way through September. So really, we feel like we had a good 6 month summer this year. Shocking in Minnesota, I know.

But alas, here's the recap....

I did a good amount of work on C+M's rooftop, again it was gorgeous, so why not?

I celebrated one year at Colle+McVoy...

...made cupcakes for a friend's bridal shower....

 ...we took a summer walk....

....and then another, and another and another...

...I bought flowers to usher in spring...they died. I don't have much of a green thumb...

...but I fancied up the front stoop....

....and we got lots and lots of updates of these two babes.

I celebrated my 27th birthday (wow I'm getting old)...

Ryan and I ran a 1/2 marathon...on my birthday...

I met this little lady for the first time. She wasn't in the mood for a meet n greet.

my brother got married... (I'll do a full post about that later).
We enjoyed a baseball game- GO TWINS! but the guy behind us didn't.

 We spent Memorial Day at the lake- and Lola took care of the bow.

...and Lola also chased after some ducks in the pond near our home...thankfully she didn't catch any dinner.

 And the crazy thing is, that's just through the end of May. It looks like we were busy this summer! Part 2 to come soon :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Finally Fall....

...or at least it is in my world :)

I always get so giddy this time of year when the temp drops a few degrees, the leaves start turning on the trees and I get to light my pumpkin candles around the house. There's a warmth about autumn in general that just warms my heart. This year especially as I've been driving down the streets, I've noticed a few more trees turning, and I've started to take them in, rather than zooming by.

This weekend Ryan and I aren't traveling, we don't have company and we don't have anything really planned, besides a visit from a friend. So I'm looking forward to lighting up the fireplace, throwing on my sweatshirt and cuddling up with this blog with Lola as my foot warmer. I know it sounds cheesy, but after looking at my last post from JUNE! I have also noticed that I haven't given this blog much love over the summer months.

Isn't summer supposed to be the more laid back season? That's hardly the case for us. With so much travel and lots of visitors we were either packing to get outta town, or cleaning the house from top to bottom. So this weekend, I'll let the vacuum sit in the closet, the dishes stay in the sink and try to slow things down.

And since a post isn't completed without a picture, here's one of Miss Lola after her "teddy bear" cut from the groomers last week. This is the last haircut she'll have until after the winter!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Little Things

We got bikes!!! After 2 years of talking about buying bikes and deciding on which brands we wanted we just got tired of waiting and finally bought them!

My company has a great program where we can purchase bikes from the vendor we service as an advertising client. It worked out great for us, and we couldn't be happier with our purchases.

Our inaugural ride on the bikes was a bit much (I'm sure Ryan would agree). We rode 45 miles from our house in Eden Prairie all the way to downtown Minneapolis. It was a great time, but man were we sore the next day!

More bike adventures to come, after I get caught up on the rest of my blog posts! Sorry for the delay in posting, but if you read often...I'm sure you've gotten used to it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Nebraska Trip Part 2

The rest of our Nebraska trip was in Columbus, NE, my hometown. We got there late Friday night and just sat and chatted for a while. It was nice to catch up and just hang with my parents.

Lola was apparently pooped from playing all day with Manny.

The next day, Ryan and I did a 10 mile run around Babcock Lake in preparation for our 1/2 marathon training in the gale force winds! It was a tough one but was great for training. After that, we headed back, the boys went for a drive around town and my mom and I did a little shopping. We didn't have any luck at a local boutique, but both found a pair of shoes each while out shopping. Shoes = a successful shopping trip!

After that, it was time to head home and get ready for my mom's dance recital! Yes, that's right, my MOM's dance recital. She is in a group called TLC- The Lady Cloggers and has also recently taken on jazz. She started just to get some exercise and get into dancing when I was still in high school, and she's been doing it ever since! Over 10 years!

Here she is in action with her group- she is the 3rd from the left in the back row. The lights were REALLY bright so it was hard to get a good picture.

She did such a great job, and we were all really proud of her!

Then it was home to bed. We had breakfast together in the morning and sadly it was time for us to head back north.

My family will all be back together for my brother's wedding, May 20th, so its nice to know I'll see them all again soon!

And if you're wondering, Lola made it all the way home without getting sick once! I think she was too tuckered out and slept the entire way home...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nebraska Trip Part 1

This will be a 2 part post, after I realized I had far too many pictures for just one post, I figured breakin' it up would keep you in suspense :)

At the end of the second week in April, our niece Adele Elizabeth was born. So after putting in one more week of work, we were off to Nebraska to meet our 1 week old niece!

Lola was co-pilot and made sure to give Ryan directions whenever he needed them.

After a quick stop in Sioux Falls Thursday night, we were on our way to Nebraska Friday morning.
Ahhhh- the Good Life!

Right when we arrived in Omaha, we saw Miss Adele just chillin' in her swing, and I couldn't believe that she was actually here. It felt so surreal! Ryan was first to hold her and was such a natural. As you can see here, he couldn't have been happier. He is one proud Uncle!

After Ryan had his turn, it was Auntie Ams that got to hold Adele next. And she was giving me all sorts of fun faces.

I think this is her "I'm not sure who you are, but since mom and dad are close by, I'll give you a shot" face.

The dogs were pretty well-behaved and were either happily playing outside or sitting in the breeze way watching us hold this tiny human.

Adele's room is a gorgeous shade of lilac decorated with pretty flowers and lots of good toys and books. I'm sure Uncle Ryan will be reading them to her often when he is in Omaha on business trips.

As you can see, Ryan is supervising the diaper change.

Once she was all changed, it was back in Auntie Ams' arms. Snug as a bug in a rug! With one arm out of course.

Since the doggies were being so nice, we decided to introduce Lola to Adele. She was quite curious as to what Ryan was holding in his arms and did a good job of sitting and staying while Ryan crouched down for the meet n greet.

Lola did a very good job. And was on her best behavior while Adele was near.

After spending all morning and afternoon with baby Adele it was time to head to Columbus. With one last try of the Boppie, Ryan had some good snuggle time.

Baby Adele it was so great to meet you, we love you and can't wait to see you again soon!