Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ya Mon!

Well, we're back. Back to the real world and into our new routine. But only a month ago we were saying our vows and gearing up for our honeymoon. Wait...our honeymoon! That's right, we haven't put up pictures of our honeymoon yet!!!

Well...you are in for quite a treat! Ryan and I loved our vacation to Sandals Jamaica in Ocho Rios! We lounged on the beach, enjoyed Jamaican Rum drinks (sometimes a little too much of them), had wonderful and very filling dinners, zip lined through the forest, climbed up a famous waterfall, took a nature hike, went snorkeling over a shipwreck and a coral reef, and relaxed in our very own hammock! Well, ok it wasn't our own, but we dubbed it OURS as we laid there every other day and drank our "bartender's speciality"! See the pictures below for all of the funfilled honeymoon moments!