Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Summer Recap :: Part 2

Or should I just call this June recap? When I started going through Part 2 of my pictures, I realized that A LOT of stuff happened on Memorial Day weekend and in the month of June. So I guess this might be more than a 2 part series. You're welcome.

Before we left for Memorial Day weekend we took a family walk around the lake and spotted a deer, it was only a few feet away from us, but Lola was entranced. It's just to the right of the small grayish tree.

We got more pictures of this little bundle of joy.

And spent our Memorial day weekend with the Dele.

and these ladies were there too. The best sisters-in-law a girl could ask for.

We took a night time boat ride out on Lake Okoboji- Lola was more concerned with the ride than posing with me.

And at the end of it all, we got home and took one more family walk and watched the sunset.

I then found these big bones at the store that I figured would take Lola at least 2 weeks to get through, it lasted 3 days.

We did a landscaping project in our backyard, which we'll finish next spring...

We took our new bikes our for a spin...

and purchased helmets to go with those bikes. Which Ryan felt the need to wear one night while we were drinking wine. I guess better to be safe than sober.

And made a handful of bonfires this summer.

Lola got to accompany me to work for C+M's second annual Take Your Dog To Work Day.

Lissa and Aaron came to visit....

and we all went to the Aerosmith concert.

We relaxed at Riley Lake Beach.

And took in a musical at the local park,

which was followed by fireworks at one of our favorite trails.

Man- what a month! And I think its safe to say that July and August were just as busy :)