Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Really...we didn't do much this weekend

After this memorial day weekend was over, Ryan and I sat down to read and realized that we did a lot more over this past 3 day weekend then we thought! A little description of it all, with pictures to come soon!

Friday: Dinner at Michael's in the Old Market with Sara and Mike (yum, yum) , an uneventful and nonscoring Royals baseball game, and Amberly's first trip to the casinos in Iowa! Ryan won $40!

Saturday: SLEPT IN! Enjoyed a warm run to prepare for the 1/2 marathon, Enjoyed a little trip to Mulhall's (pretty flowers and fountains), Played Catch with the football, Watched the movie Marley & Me (We highly recommend it), and sat on the porch and enjoyed a beer or two and a nice chat.

Sunday: SLEPT IN AGAIN! woo, went to church, mini-golfed 1 game, shopped for groceries at Hy-Vee, Mike and Sara came over (brought us yummy tiramasu) and played board games, headed to the movies to see Night at the Museum 2! It was a funny and family-friendly movie!

Monday: SLEPT IN AGAIN?! YES WE DID! Went to Gallup so Ryan could finish a project, Went for a run over the Pedestrian bridge, headed home for lunch and realized that the TV didn't work...bummer, Took a trip to Scheel's, bought a frisbee, "frizzed it up" in the park, played some more mini golf (3 games this time), Met some new friends at our apartment complex, and enjoyed foot rubs, reading and relaxing before the work week began!

Yes, we were quite busy, but it was all "fun stuff." We hope you all had a great memorial day weekend and enjoyed the nice weather. We are so lucky to have such amazing men and women to protect our country so we can enjoy the simple things in life (like a new frisbee or a chat on the porch!). So next time you pray, thank God for the troops who give us the opportunity to live in freedom every day!

Enjoying the Royals Game

Mini Golfing!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy Few Weeks

May has already been a crazy month for us! Our list of crazies includes:
- driving 1,000 miles on I-29
- a wedding, a bridal shower and an upcoming bachelor party
- a 24th birthday
- dinners with friends/coworkers/cousins
- long nights of work (bootcamp)

As you can see from the last post...we've been keeping pretty busy. Not only did we attend our friends Jeannine and Todd's wedding the first weekend in May in North Dakota, we also attended Amberly's cousins bridal shower and are gearing up for Ryan's best friend, Nik's, bachelor party this coming weekend!
Amongst all of the wedding preparations/parties for our friends and family, Amberly celebrated her 24th birthday! Ryan was busy with bootcamp the first week in May, which includes long hours of work and presentations, but he made it home in time to wish Amberly a happy birthday...see the pretty flowers he sent to her at work and enjoy the happiness her new TOMS shoes have brought her! Ryan did such a fabulous job of making Amberly feel special and loved on her first birthday as his wife! :)

We would like to say thank you to all who made these last few weeks/weekends special! We're looking forward to the events of this spring/summer and will hopefully see many of you soon!

At Jeannine and Todd's Wedding in Fargo, ND

A new patio set from my mother and father in law!
We'll be using it for more porch sittin'! :)

A few birthday goodies from my hubby