Friday, April 30, 2010

Diet Mountain Dew

Well, we made it to the end of April, and with that comes 2 months before we close and move into our house! Can you believe it?! Neither can we! Most of the structural elements of the house are completed now, footings- check, framing- check, drywall- check, HVAC/Electrical- check, now...the fun stuff begins! Last week, Ryan and I made our trip out to the house and we realized we hadn't shown a full front view of it for a while. The shingles are on now, and the concrete in the garage and the stoop have been poured. You're probably wondering why the post name is Diet Mountain Dew.

On our last visit, we noticed a red cooler in the master shower. The ever curious Amberly just had to check it out, and I was happy to see it was filled with Diet Mountain Dew! No...we didn't crack one open. But we noticed remnants of diet dew in the kitchen and at the bar too! I guess Diet Dew is the drink of choice by our drywallers. Or maybe its a nod to how we should decorate? Bright green and red perhaps?

Really looks like a house now, doesn't it?

Our Front Porch. I imagine potted plants here, and years down the road little kids with backpacks on their first day of school.

Drywall in the kitchen. See the dew on the left side?

More Diet Dew! First drinks at the bar!

Yes, that's drywall spackle on my jacket and I'm proud of it!

Friday, April 23, 2010

An Updated Look

Yes Folks, it was about time to change the blog header. Given we have been married now for over a year and 3 months we thought it was time to show what life's been like for the Austad Family. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Nice Little Sunday on UNL's Campus

This past weekend, Ryan and I got the chance to head back to Lincoln, NE and visit UNL-our Alma Mater. Specifically we were there to attend my brother, Jared's College of Business Honors Ceremony. In the weeks leading up to the ceremony there was a lot of talk about what award he was actually getting...there was talk about a key, or an honors scholarship, etc. etc. Since Jared is the modest type and doesn't always bring up his achievements we just had to wait until we were there looking at the program to see that it was not just one award, it was 3! Jared was awarded a Hicks Honor Key, Junior High Achievement Honor, and is now a member of Beta Sigma...a business fraternity. Safe to say we were all very proud of Jared and his accomplishments. Afterward, Ryan and I, Jared and my Dad went to Bisonwitches to celebrate! Way to go Jared!!! We're so proud of you!

p.s. remember a few posts back, when I wrote about Ryan being famous? Well...while we were on campus, we got to sneak a peek at one of the posters that was located at CBA. Lookin' good Ry!

I played Mom and took a lot of cheesy pictures :)

told ya! :)

Here is Ryan with his poster. I think he was pretty excited, as was I!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"All good things come to he who waits"

What a fitting title for this blog entry. As things progress with the house, our soon to be new homeowner patience is starting to stray. Building a house has definitely been a test on both Ryan and me, but a very good test. Our official close date is June 25th! Which this Sunday makes only 2 MORE MONTHS to go! It makes things so real now, and thinking about moving in, having things delivered and ordering furniture makes me so incredibly giddy (I can't speak for Ryan- but I'm sure he feels the same way). In a way thinking about moving is also a little bittersweet, as our apartment at Whispering Hills is our official "first place" as a married couple. But nothing will compare to having our own house and making it a home.

This past week the inside of the house started to t
ake shape, as the drywall has been hung! Instead of looking through beams to see the master on the other side, there are walls and closets and doorways that are recognizable. Next Tuesday, we are headed to Nebraska Furniture Mart to purchase all of our appliances, furniture and carpet. Imagining where those things will fit in the house is a pretty neat feeling. And each of the things we have picked out is uniquely us...I just can't wait to see it all come together.

A view of the Great Room from the front door

Testing out the Master Bedroom

Ryan in the master shower

The basement and the extra storage closet

Ryan's pretty excited about his surround sound

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Laid Back Weekend

This past weekend, Ryan and I were happy to just hang out and enjoy the nice weather. Friday, we decided to go take a peek at the house, but nothing has changed since last time we least nothing you would notice. We had inspections at the house this past week, so plumbing, electrical, framing and heating/air inspections all had to be done before they could move forth with new stuff. Which we'll make sure to take plenty of pictures of!

After a thrilling rest of our Friday evening (watching Dateline and eating popcorn), our Saturday was a bit more enthralling. It was the 3rd day of the Master's, and we watched with anticipation to see who would be the leaders for Sunday. We checked out Nebraska Furniture Mart's viewing of the 3D still has a little way to go, and then we checked out dishwashers, and bedroom sets. No purchases this time, but we're getting closer and closer! Later that evening, we were lucky enough to have the Rubin's over for dinner and game night. It was a pretty wild time, as it always is with Sara and Mike. I believe the night ended up with Mike and I rolling our eyes at our brilliant spouses who believe they are smart enough to come up with billion dollar companies...I have a feeling it was just their drinks talking?! But, hey I guess we'll see!

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day, and after watching Phil Mickelson win the Master's we were off for a walk at our favorite spot, the Arboretum. Its fun to see the trees starting to bud, spring is finally here! We rounded off our weekend by making some yummy caramel corn, which we then devoured in a few hours time. All of that walking built up our appetites!

The Masterminds

Mike shows some muscle

Ryan sporting his Masters shirt and showing off the caramel corn


Monday, April 5, 2010


Celebrating Easter with Grandma Dorothy

What a fantastic Easter weekend! Ryan and I are so blessed to have such loving family.

This Easter was beautiful... the sun was shining and it was a pretty steady 65 degree day, we were able to enjoy springtime weather all weekend. When we arrived in Sioux Falls Friday evening we celebrated Ryan's Mom(Denise)'s birthday with cheeseburgers hot off the grill and a visit from the Blue family. Saturday morning we were off to get a round of golf in for the first time this year. It was a little rough, but everybody had some great holes! Saturday evening brought us to Westward Ho Country Club to celebrate Ryan's Dad (Dave)'s 50th birthday. Needless to say, we were the loudest table there, sharing stories and making jokes. Sounds like an Austad dinner to me! Easter service Sunday morning was fantastic and since everybody was wearing pretty pastels, it really felt like Easter from when I was a kid. I can still remember wearing an Easter hat to church a few years in a row. Thanks Mom! And what would Easter be without eggs and jelly beans? We had plenty of those...see pictures below. Overall, it was a really fantastic weekend, and we felt so blessed to enjoy family.

Ryan's Tee Shot

Good lookin' group of golfers

Amberly & Ryan

Easter Eggs!

A Festive Easter Dessert Table

The Austad Family
Amberly & Ryan, Abbie, Melissa, Dave, Sara & Mike, & Denise

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rough Ins

Steady progress continues to be made at our new home! Monday of this week Ryan and I went to meet our friend Rob (and our brother in law's brother in law--figure that one out) for a surround sound speaker rough in. Seeing the house after a few days always amazes us at how much they can get done in a couple day span. The framing of the house is done and the items for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems were in boxes ready to be put to good use. That was Monday...

We went out to the house again last night (Wednesday night) to meet with the builders and have an electrical walk through and within 2 days the HVAC system was done, the electrician was diligently working and the plumbing was 90% installed. It truly is amazing to see all of the inner workings of our home. Knowing now where the electrical wiring is, and how the plumbing works, makes me realize even more that we are building this house from the ground up. The windows are in, and the exterior doors are there too. Opening up that big front door right now seems so crazy to think we'll be welcoming our guests through that exact same space within a couple months. Let the details begin!

Sara is enjoying the house already!

Ryan is showing them the layout


Sara tests out the guest bath

Just having a good time at the bar

Our Front Door!
Welcome to the Austad's!

2nd Annual Austad Easter Egg Hunt

That's right folks, the 2nd Annual Austad Easter Egg Hunt took place this Monday at precisely 7:00 PM! may not be an event that is widely publicized because it just takes place in our apartment, but it does happen to be the 2nd annual egg hunt! Last year, I thought it would be fun to surprise Ryan and make him find Easter eggs and put them in a when I was hanging out at the supermarket the other day and saw easter candy I knew I had to do it again this year. I think he really enjoyed it, and I'm sure its a tradition that has stuck. Happy Easter everyone!

Starting out the egg hunt

Ryan looks really intrigued! Look up high Ryan!

You found them, Way to go!

A picture from 2009's egg hunt. Don't mind the mess on the kitchen table, I was in the middle of putting together my cousin's bridal shower invitations.