Monday, August 24, 2009

Lost Ring

Saturday night, Amberly's parents came to visit after moving Jared into his new apartment in Lincoln. We enjoyed a nice home made Italian meal complete with 4 cheese penne pasta, caesar salad, home-made bread and green beans. After we were sufficiently stuffed we headed out to run a few errands and get mom and dad some Panera Bread goodies for breakfast the next morning. As we relaxed for the remainder of the evening and as Amberly dished up brownies a la mode, Ryan informed us that he had dropped his ring.

Now...Ryan has been known to play with his wedding ring and has dropped it in interesting places, more than once in the car, underneath the table at dinner, at the movies, and at a work conference where it happened to roll a few rows of seats in front of him....and who knows where else! Amberly is now used to this and is thinking that it might be time to start a new wedding ring fund for Ryan. As the brownies were warming up, I could see Ryan digging his hand into the side of the couch.

That's when I knew he had lost his wedding ring...again. Ryan asked for my tiny hands to see if I could reach the ring inside the couch. However this time the ring wasn't wedged into the side of the couch it had fallen inside the actual frame of the couch. After lots of deliberation, flipping the couch on its side and figuring and re-figuring where exactly the ring could be, the scissors came out. We ended up cutting the batting on the bottom of the couch to find the ring. And Thankfully it was a success...the ring was found! I think I'll still keep the ring fund going, just in case.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Long Over Due

We apologize for the ridiculously long time between posting. Has it really almost been a month since our last post? Yikes….sorry again. The fun never ends with the Austads. The beginning of August brought a visit from our friend Stephanie from Dallas. We spent the evening celebrating our friend Betsy’s 25th birthday with dinner and dancing. After a fun-filled weekend with friends we spent Sunday hanging out and even went to a house viewing of our favorite home here in Omaha.

Oh geeze, what else has happened? Amberly got a new car, in-laws visited from Sioux Falls, had a BBQ at Mike and Sara Rubin’s, and last but not least…spent a wonderful weekend in Minnesota. Last weekend, we headed to Minnesota to enjoy a mini-vacation. We saw a twins game, enjoyed a nice Italian meal and oh yeah….we went to the PGA Championship and saw Tiger completely lose it on the last day. Mr. Y E Yang pulled it off to be the first Asian-born player to capture a major title…quite exciting.

This week is sure to keep us busy too! Already we’ve had a new haircut (Amberly’s- super short, but super cute) and we’re looking forward to a round of golf with Mike and Sara, a dinner with Amberly’s parents and dinner with cousins, kim, kelli and greg Sunday night at Lo Sole Mio.

We can’t believe its already the last few weeks of August…really, where does the time go? Enjoy this wonderful weather!!!