Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Finally Fall....

...or at least it is in my world :)

I always get so giddy this time of year when the temp drops a few degrees, the leaves start turning on the trees and I get to light my pumpkin candles around the house. There's a warmth about autumn in general that just warms my heart. This year especially as I've been driving down the streets, I've noticed a few more trees turning, and I've started to take them in, rather than zooming by.

This weekend Ryan and I aren't traveling, we don't have company and we don't have anything really planned, besides a visit from a friend. So I'm looking forward to lighting up the fireplace, throwing on my sweatshirt and cuddling up with this blog with Lola as my foot warmer. I know it sounds cheesy, but after looking at my last post from JUNE! I have also noticed that I haven't given this blog much love over the summer months.

Isn't summer supposed to be the more laid back season? That's hardly the case for us. With so much travel and lots of visitors we were either packing to get outta town, or cleaning the house from top to bottom. So this weekend, I'll let the vacuum sit in the closet, the dishes stay in the sink and try to slow things down.

And since a post isn't completed without a picture, here's one of Miss Lola after her "teddy bear" cut from the groomers last week. This is the last haircut she'll have until after the winter!