Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sitting on the Porch

Last night, Ryan and I enjoyed an evening of porch sittin'. It has come to our attention that our favorite thing to do is sit on the porch. Yes, we sound like an 70 year old retired couple, but porch sittin' has been part of our relationship from the start. At almost every place we've lived we've enjoyed nights of relaxing on the porch with a nice cold drink and warm conversation. Its at these times of sitting and relaxing that we can take it all in, from the hustle and bustle of daily life to catching up on what has happened in the past few months. Its nice every once in a while to turn off the TV, let the dishes soak in the kitchen and just surrender to the cool breeze of a Nebraska spring. Yeah yeah, that was kind of romance novel-esq but you'll know what I mean once you try it!

Here's our porch from our honeymoon in Jamaica! How we'd love to go back and relax there!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring and Summer!

Since the weather outside is changing, we're gearing up for all things spring...and summer! Today the high is 88 and it's only the end of April! We can't believe that March and April has flown by and its almost May! Another bootcamp week for Ryan, a birthday for Amberly, and weddings and bridal showers are consistently showing up on our calendar! We can't wait to blog about all of the fun things we have scheduled for this spring and summer. And since a blog post isn't as fun without a picture here are a few from the last few months! Enjoy this beautiful weather!

Ry and I, date night on the Omaha pedestrian bridge

Ryan cooks up some yummy steak on our new grill!

A day at the Zoo with Abbie and Dad, Dave

Ryan enjoys his Easter Egg hunt!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our First Easter

Happy Belated Easter from the Austad's!
Celebrating a lot of "firsts" this year has been quite exciting! So far, our first Valentine's Day, and Easter together. Those wonderful celebrations also come with the wonderful weekend relaxation, full tummies of home cooked meals, and of course the decision of where to go and celebrate. As the year continues I'm sure we'll develop new traditions of our own and continue to visit both of our families in Sioux Falls and Columbus. Although...newlyweds and engaged couples be prepared to realize you have to learn how to share time between both sides! We're definitely learning that and enjoying our precious time with family! As for now, nothing too exciting to report. Ryan survived his first week of bootcamp at work, and wedding season for our friends and family starts this week! With wedding number 2 of 9 for the year this weekend! Happy Easter and Happy Spring to all of you!