Tuesday, November 25, 2008

46 Days, Programs, Pictures and Buffet

Hello Friends and Family,
I hope you're starting to count down the weeks now! Can you believe it?! We're down to 46 days, that's about 6 weeks! WOW! Well, to mention a little something about the title...we've been working fervently on the programs. Amberly is busy printing away, paper punching, and then Ryan has been an expert at ribbon additions. We only have about 50 left to do and then that's yet another thing to check off the list! Amberly also ordered pictures today to put on the guestbook table, and has confirmed the buffet meal with the caterer. Ryan was very excited when he heard we were having a buffet! :)

Since Thanksgiving is this week we both wanted to say "Thank You!" for being such an amazing part of our lives. We are so fortunate to have such great friends and family, and we know that we can count on you to always be there for us. Thanks again for everything, and make sure to tell the people you're thankful for that you love them and appreciate them this holiday season!

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