Monday, November 3, 2008

The First Ever Post! :)

Here we go! Blogging the happenings of our lives as husband and wife...well, I guess not quite yet. At least not for another 68 days. As most of you know, the wedding is coming up and we are getting more and more excited with each passing day. Ryan received a job offer here in Omaha, so that's where we'll stay for now! Finding a place to live has been interesting, but exciting in its own way. A fresh new beginning for both of us in an apartment all our own. Now, finding a place to put all of our stuff, that could be interesting.

As the wedding approaches we'll try and update as often as possible about the last minute details. And make sure t
o check back for wedding and honeymoon pictures!

Wedding tidbit of the day: This is the church we are getting married in! St. John's Lutheran Church ELCA, in Columbus, Nebraska! I hope it's this snowy on our wedding day!


MacKenzie said...

i love blogs. i can't wait for your wedding. :D so fun. know what would make your wedding even better? knowing you have an AWESOME president! ;) just had to throw that in there... love.

Tyson said...

That's the first time that I've ever seen the church where the magic is going to happen!
Happy blogging!

Dave Austad said...

Looks like a nice Church....will I fit in there?

Vicki B. said...

Love your new blog! How exciting
this will be to follow you and
Ryan to the big day and after!
Love the church too. I went to
a wedding & reception in the
country when it was snowy once
and it was beautiful!