Monday, November 2, 2009


If you've never played Partini! We HIGHLY suggest it. Partini is kind of like Cranium, wait, its exactly like Cranium with a different name, I guess either one will do! :) We had such a great time playing Partini when my parents and brie and jason visited. Not only did we enjoy the game, but I think we'll have many inside jokes for years to come. Throughout the night, a vase was broken, many comments were made about apples for bobbing for bobbing for apples, and we found out that you must use just the right amount of clay for the clay smoothie game....or else things get wierd. We highly suggest Partini!

Jason and Ryan start the game

Mom and Dad- quite a team

Dad, acting out a clue

And a mai tai and mnt. fuji to end the evening.

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