Sunday, November 1, 2009

21st Birthday

Jared (Amberly's little brother) celebrated his 21st birthday on October 28th. And no 21st birthday is complete without a visit from big sister, Brie. Let's back up a bit...when Tyson (Amberly's oldest brother) celebrated his 21st in 2002, Brie just "happened" to walk into the place where Tyson and his friends were having his birthday dinner (it was right after Brie had moved to California). Amberly knew brie was coming home for her 21st, but it was still exciting. Now fast forward 4 years. Jared knew Brie would be coming home sometime for a visit, but was oblivious on the details.

After telling Jared that Brie and Jason and Mom and Dad would meet up with him later on in the weekend, Ryan and I decided we would take him out to dinner for his actual birthday (Wednesday) instead. But what Jared didn't know was that Brie and Jason were flying in early for his birthday and they were already at the restaurant. When we walked in to Buzzard Billy's Jared was surprised to see Brie and Jason and mom and dad sitting at the table with birthday cheer!

Happy 21st Birthday Jared! We hope you had a great night!

Checking the ID

Cheers to 21!

and a birthday call from Tyson in Africa.

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