Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dance Party

No....really, it's a Dance Party! This past Saturday I was able to host a party for my varsity dancers before they went back to school this week. Ryan was able to conveniently plan a tee time for 15 minutes before the girls would arrive. Smart thinking on his part. So it was just me, the girls and our other spirit squad coach, a house full of ladies! We had a great time and I think the girls bonded as well. After having dinner, and playing a 3 things guessing game, we decided it would be a fun craft project to make tie blankets. The girls did a great job with their blankets, and were able to use them at their sleepover after the party! All in all it was a really great time!!

They all fit on our couch!

Making Blankets

The finished product.

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Dave Austad said...

I can't imagine why Ryan would want to miss all that.