Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Thomas Get Together

I had been waiting for this weekend for a while now. A weekend where my parents come to visit me and my husband in our home. A weekend where we areable to host mom and dad and let them enjoy themselves without having to cook, clean, pick up or plan anyaspect of the weekend! At least for the first few visits. ; ) The weekend started off with an extended Thomas family get together in Fremont, NE. I had forgotten to break out my camera while we were there, so I was hoping a few of my cousins would post their picture so I could share..alas no pictures have been posted. But I do have a few from the rest of the weekend.

After heading out from Fremont, my mom, dad and brother delighted us in spending the evening at our home. It was so nice to spread out and let them each have their own space, and I absolutely loved cooking meals for more than 2 people! My Dad and Ryan successfully put the tiki torches up in the backyard and we enjoyed a few adult beverages by the fire. It was such a gorgeous evening, we even had to bring out the blankets. How's that for a summer night in Nebraska? Sunday morning we ate waffles and drank coffee until our hearts were content and headed out for the day. In summary, the boys picked up a ping pong table, mom and I went shopping and to the pet store and we were worn out by afternoon. It was such a nice, relaxing weekend with no exact plans! Thanks for visiting Mom, Dad and Jared! Come back soon!

Mom and Dad

Tiki Torch Success!

The Boys Enjoying Some Golf

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