Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bowling...Austad Style

That's Right! Just like the title says, we went bowling...Austad Style (and Rubin style!). We were lucky to have a quick visit from Mom and Dad Austad and lovely Miss Abbie too! So what's better than a little friendly bowling competition? There might have been some smack talk before the games started, but when Mike surprised us with his own personal bowling ball, we knew it was on! A few gutter balls, spares, splits, and even a few strikes later...Mike was the overall winner! Good work Mike! Abbie was also a winner too, enjoying the arcade games at the bowling alley, Abbie came up with 6 different prizes from the night! See her picture below!

At the moment I'm hanging out at our place waiting for Ryan to arrive back from Kansas City! I've got the fireplace going and the cozy socks on...this 40 and 30 degree weather is quite a change from the end of September, but I'm not complaining one bit! I'll be enjoying my spiced tea in T-5 minutes :)

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