Monday, October 26, 2009

A Lincoln Reunion

This past weekend, Ryan and I got the chance to catch up with some college friends in Lincoln. Our friend, Stephanie was visiting from Dallas, so we all decided to head out to her favorite Nebraska restaurant, Lazlo's! The food was soooo good and the conversation even better. There's something about old friends...(forgive my cheesy analogy here)...they're like your favorite sweater, although you may not wear it for a few seasons it still fits just right and is just as cozy when you put it on again. I always feel like we can all pick up where we left off last time and continue on just chatting like there was never any time in between.

Friday was great and so was Saturday night. We attended a Halloween Housewarming party for our friends Matt and Rachael Breck. We got to hang out at their new pad and even donned some great Halloween costumes (we were golfers, of course).
Sunday was filled with Vikings football and some more house hunting/lot looking. I'm not sure if the lot looking really goes together, but I thought it fit nicely.

If we don't post before Saturday, HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of you!

I guess your wife's sunglasses are better than no sunglasses!

A Lincoln Reunion
Ryan, Amberly, Laura & Kevin
Jeff, Betsy, Kelly, Stephanie & Cassie

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