Friday, February 12, 2010


Ryan and I have decided that there's no time for a winter hibernation at the Austad household! Since we've been cooped up in the apartment we haven't had a chance to go for a run on our paths or take advantage of the green space at the apartment complex to play some catch. Darn winter! However, we decided that we have to find a solution for our cabin fever. Sara and Mike (Ryan's sister and her husband) recommended we try P90X. So, we decided we'd give it a try!

As you can see from the picture above, that's what Ryan and I hope to look like when this is all over. ha ha, j/k. We're doing our best to take each workout to our own level. If you've tried P90X before, you know that the lead guy is VERY ENTHUSIASTIC about fitness. But when we're doing sit ups and pull ups at 6:00AM, we have to tone it down just a touch. So far, we've gone through the first week (pending tomorrow) and I think we've both enjoyed it. P90X is really good about doing different exercises each day. Some days we work our back and legs, sometimes we do just arms, and other days we try out yoga. (Ryan isn't a huge fan of the yoga days).

We thought we were both in pretty OK shape. But after a few P90X workouts, we've noticed that this workout is not for the weak. It's tough stuff! Cross your fingers that we keep up with it and we'll give you an update in another month or so!

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Sara Rubin said...

Are you saying that you and Ryan don't already look like the people in the P90X pictures?! I know Mike and I are spitting images of those people. You should do a post about our Sioux City adventure...unless you'd rather just forget that we were stuck there. :) Happy Tuesday!