Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Paint Before Digging?

Yes, that's right folks. We've picked out our paint colors...even though the digging hasn't started on our house, we sure know what colors we like! :) The permit process is supposed to take a few weeks...and today is exactly the 2 week mark. I can honestly say that patience is not high on either of our personality trait lists, however we're learning that everything takes time. Especially when building a home. But I digress...

one of the more "fun" parts about all of our house decisions has been paint colors. Its fun to think that no matter what color we choose, if we change our mind about it in 2-3 years, we can always change it. It's actually kind of a nice relief in a way. Painting a room is a tad easier than changing out granite counter-tops (or so I hear). So...we've picked a selection of paint colors that are warm and cozy and that will be neutral enough to go with a lot of the furniture and decorations we already have. (however the laundry room was a small departure from our cozy browns and tans)...but that's just because Amberly wanted a bright cheery place while doing laundry. Understandable, I think! :) We also picked out our stain color for the kitchen cabinets, the fireplace mantle and the stairway railings, I don't know if it really has a name, but we've been calling it burgundy cherry.

Our Stain Selection

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