Sunday, February 21, 2010


Us in front of our "soon to be home!"

The dig for our first home began on Wednesday, February 17, 2010! After a small setback on the dig, we weren't crossing our fingers for anything to happen soon. But when Ryan asked our builders on Wednesday how things were going, they told us they were digging that day! We were so excited!!! I decided to head there on my lunch break on Wednesday, and have never been so excited to see piles of dirt in my life! After sending a few pictures to Ryan via text message, Ryan had to take a peek of it himself and drove there after work!

Knowing that the construction of our first home is under way makes everything so exciting!! We visited the lot together this weekend and were excited to see our basement. It is a tad bit muddy in these pictures, but we were just excited to see it!!! In a matter of a few months our home will be in that location and it will be much more than a hole and dirt!

Our home (a view looking North)

We love our dirt-filled basement!

Street View

Our home (a view looking South)

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