Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I realize this post is almost a month old- since Mother's day was in early May- but roll with me here. Things have been pretty busy. :)

Since we are now 6+ hours away from my mom and dad in Nebraska, we spend our time with them as wisely as possible. The first weekend in May was no exception. We were able to see my brother, Jared, graduate from college, and then mom and dad, and Ryan and I were off to enjoy the rest of the weekend. (I guess college grads like to hang out with their friends or something. ) j/k Jared.

We stayed at the Cornhusker Marriott in downtown Lincoln and we were able to walk to the Haymarket for supper at El Potrero- yum. And the next morning we walked to the Green Gateau to celebrate Mother's Day. It was such a great, relaxing weekend full of good food, good conversation and family time.

Mom in the process of opening her Mother's Day gifts.

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