Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Little Girl is Growing Up!

I took this picture to show how sometimes Lola is quite ladylike and crosses her front paws when she lays down. But after uploading it and shouting at Ryan to "come look...hurry!" We realized that our little girl has really grown up. I think it similar when someone sees you after 5-6 months and says you've lost weight or you've changed your hair color. You don't really notice it on that person if you see them on a day to day basis. But once they're removed and you sense that change it hits you like a screen door in the face. OK, maybe I've walked into one too many screen doors in my time.

But you get my analogy. You don't realize its there... until.... it is. Lola is still in her "puppy" stage- she's almost 5 months old, but she is looking more and more like a full grown dog everyday.

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