Sunday, June 5, 2011

Old Vs. New

We closed on our Minnesota house this past Tuesday. At the moment, we are dual home-owners... at age 26. Yikes.

When we closed on our Omaha house we were ready to move things in and get started on our life together in our new home. When we closed on our Minnesota house, we had already lived in the house for a few months, so instead of moving things in we celebrated with some wings and a beer. Funny how things can change within a year.

I know there are differences with every house, but the main difference between our 2 homes is the age. Our Omaha house was born in 2010- the Minnesota home: 1983. 27 years between the two. The thing we loved most about the Omaha house was that everything was brand spankin' new. We picked out the wall colors, the wood floors, the lighting. We were the first to experience summer, spring, fall and winter there. We watched deer and turkey run through our backyard, and lived on a quiet dead-end street.

The thing we love most about the Minnesota house is the character- the way the upstairs floorboards creak, the tall and full grown trees in our yard, the sprawling trails and lakes close by.

The one thing we didn't account for when we moved into an older house? Someone else, maybe even many people, have lived here before us. They have all left their mark and they knew the ins and outs of the house that we will soon find out. We're in the process of figuring out the water valves on the exterior of the house-its been a fun process. (insert sarcastic remark here).

And there have been many times we have thought, why do you think they painted the wall that color? And why do you suppose they had so many hooks hanging from the ceiling? Or why do you think they picked white tile for the kitchen? We usually make up some interesting story and then decide how we're going to change it. I just wonder what the new owners will think of our Omaha house someday? Will they ask, why did they use such a bright blue in the laundry room? :)

But we're along for the journey- just adapting day by day.

Omaha House

Minnesota House
(My mom is happy to be Vanna White here)

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