Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cookie Overload

I had to make space in our pantry one weekend, because the unorganized mess was getting to me. So, what better than to make a few dozen batches of cookies...or 4.

I was ready to get rid of some white chocolate chips and Oreos that were staring me in the face. So I made 2 dozen cookies n' creme cookies and 2 dozen chewy chocolate chip cookies. (Make sure to click on the links on the names if you'd like to make them yourself.)

Not all 4 dozen stayed at our place. I was able to bring a few dozen into work to share and Ryan took some to his office as well. And now my pantry is even cleaner :) The cookies n' creme cookies are to die if you're looking for a cookie within a cookie, you won't be disappointed!

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