Monday, May 7, 2012

4th Annual Austad Family Easter Egg Hunt!

Well, this event is sure gaining in popularity! I already had a few people asking me if we did it this year! Since we don't have kids and I absolutely love when Easter time rolls around, I make, excuse me, I let Ryan have an Easter egg hunt all on his own!

I think he loves it. And after the 1st and 2nd Annual Austad Family Easter Egg Hunt, Lola joined for the 3rd Annual, and this year we held the 4th Annual in our backyard. The weather was gorgeous and I was able to hide them in the trees in bushes in our yard.

Of course, we equipped Lola with her own Easter basket this year. Which she proceeded to think was attacking her, and didn't flinch while it was around her neck.

But once we got outside, Lola was ready to roll, and I had Ryan and Lola pose for a photo op. How sweet are they?

And then the hunt began! This year I just yelled, "GO!" but I'm seriously considering getting one of those blow horns next year that they use at the start of races. Wouldn't that excite the neighbors?

Lola found one right off the bat. (I hid 10 plastic eggs total, 5 with dog treats and 5 with human treats, a.k.a. packaged Skittles) And don't worry I washed the eggs afterward to get rid of any dog treat taste for future egg hunts.

And then she was on a roll.

Here's Ryan in action

And showing me how excited he is about the 4th Annual Austad Family Easter Egg Hunt!

At one point, I realized that Lola had found all of hers already and was "helping" Ryan. Here she is running by a bush. She took a quick smell and then alerted Ryan that something was over there. She's a smart cookie.

Towards the end of the hunt, Ryan was pretty proud to show me all of the eggs he had found.

And I was a happy camper too :) 

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