Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Have you ever imagined what life would be like next year? In 5 Years? or 10 Years from now? Ryan and I got a pretty hilarious look at what our "family" could look like in... let's say 7ish years.

Presenting - Austad Family of 4....

You got us- those aren't really our kids. But they are pretty cute aren't they? Follow me here- Ryan's sister Sara, is married to Mike and these are his sister's kiddos-Isa and Abe. Its funny because their Mom and Dad both have dark hair and these two are quite the toe-heads, so they seemed to fit with me and my fair-headed hubs. Thought you'd all enjoy a little look at what the future might hold! :) Thanks Becky and Rob for letting us use this as our Christmas Card this year, won't everybody be surprised? haha

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Melissa said...

you can't steal children like that!