Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowy Place Setting

One night I decided to jazz up our normal dinner routine and I went looking through my special occasion drawer. Yep- I have a special occasion drawer-don't judge. When Ryan and I were first dating, a home made meal together was a rare thing. We both had busy college schedules, he lived in an apartment and I lived in a sorority house. When we really wanted to celebrate something we made a meal together and brought out the "fancy stuff."

I purchased 2 place mats (shown here) and 2 nicer plates, so that any time we wanted to have a fancy dinner- those would be our main stay. I kept those place mats and found them the other night and decided to whip them out for a fun dinner. I paired them with napkins and plates we received as wedding gifts, and some snowflake napkin rings my mother in law gave me for Christmas one year. And Voila! A fancy Tuesday night dinner. Complete with snowy background.

So make tonight fancy- even if there is laundry piling up and the floors desperately need sweeping.

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