Friday, February 11, 2011

A Night with Glenn Miller and the Greg Spevac Band

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Imagine yourself in the 1940's. Dominated by World War II, the 40's were a popular year for Big Band music- Duke Ellington and Glenn Miller were the top dogs and their songs were a hit with young adults of the time. Among those young adults, my grandparents Fritz and Gen Mihulka. What started for my grandparents in the 40's as a sign of the times, grew into their life long passion.

My grandmother passed away suddenly late last year. And with her passing, she left my grandpa without a dance partner. Even in their 80s my grandparents were still attending dances and reminiscing with fellow dancers. In January, my cousin Kim mentioned that we should take my Grandpa dancing again- he had been itching to go. So, we did some research and my Grandpa got on his best suit and we headed for Fremont.

We pulled up to the Eagles Club in downtown Fremont and watched dancers shuffle into the big front doors. After hanging up our coats and paying our admission, my grandpa, cousins Kim and Kelli, my Aunt Pam and I hustled into the dance area. As I looked around, I realized that we had dropped the median age in the place quite a bit.

The dance lasted for 2 hours and I don't think my grandpa sat down once. My cousins, Aunt and I took turns jitterbugging and lindy hopping. And we even were asked to dance with a few other suitors as well-don't worry my Grandpa kept a good watch on all of us. It was pretty awesome to see everyone dressed up and having a good time at 4:00 on a Sunday afternoon. I wish there would be some sort of movement toward big band dance again- what a fun way to stay active and have a good time with friends and family.

My Grandparents Favorite Band- Greg Spevac Band

Kim and Grandpa

Me and Grandpa

The "Beautiful Blondes"
Kelli, Kim, Grandpa and Me

This picture gets me everytime. My Grandpa recognized a friend, Jean, who was at the dance. When they danced together, it reminded me of my grandmother so much- I just can't believe the likeness. (p.s. sorry for the blurriness)

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