Friday, April 30, 2010

Diet Mountain Dew

Well, we made it to the end of April, and with that comes 2 months before we close and move into our house! Can you believe it?! Neither can we! Most of the structural elements of the house are completed now, footings- check, framing- check, drywall- check, HVAC/Electrical- check, now...the fun stuff begins! Last week, Ryan and I made our trip out to the house and we realized we hadn't shown a full front view of it for a while. The shingles are on now, and the concrete in the garage and the stoop have been poured. You're probably wondering why the post name is Diet Mountain Dew.

On our last visit, we noticed a red cooler in the master shower. The ever curious Amberly just had to check it out, and I was happy to see it was filled with Diet Mountain Dew! No...we didn't crack one open. But we noticed remnants of diet dew in the kitchen and at the bar too! I guess Diet Dew is the drink of choice by our drywallers. Or maybe its a nod to how we should decorate? Bright green and red perhaps?

Really looks like a house now, doesn't it?

Our Front Porch. I imagine potted plants here, and years down the road little kids with backpacks on their first day of school.

Drywall in the kitchen. See the dew on the left side?

More Diet Dew! First drinks at the bar!

Yes, that's drywall spackle on my jacket and I'm proud of it!

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