Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Nice Little Sunday on UNL's Campus

This past weekend, Ryan and I got the chance to head back to Lincoln, NE and visit UNL-our Alma Mater. Specifically we were there to attend my brother, Jared's College of Business Honors Ceremony. In the weeks leading up to the ceremony there was a lot of talk about what award he was actually getting...there was talk about a key, or an honors scholarship, etc. etc. Since Jared is the modest type and doesn't always bring up his achievements we just had to wait until we were there looking at the program to see that it was not just one award, it was 3! Jared was awarded a Hicks Honor Key, Junior High Achievement Honor, and is now a member of Beta Sigma...a business fraternity. Safe to say we were all very proud of Jared and his accomplishments. Afterward, Ryan and I, Jared and my Dad went to Bisonwitches to celebrate! Way to go Jared!!! We're so proud of you!

p.s. remember a few posts back, when I wrote about Ryan being famous? Well...while we were on campus, we got to sneak a peek at one of the posters that was located at CBA. Lookin' good Ry!

I played Mom and took a lot of cheesy pictures :)

told ya! :)

Here is Ryan with his poster. I think he was pretty excited, as was I!

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