Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Laid Back Weekend

This past weekend, Ryan and I were happy to just hang out and enjoy the nice weather. Friday, we decided to go take a peek at the house, but nothing has changed since last time we least nothing you would notice. We had inspections at the house this past week, so plumbing, electrical, framing and heating/air inspections all had to be done before they could move forth with new stuff. Which we'll make sure to take plenty of pictures of!

After a thrilling rest of our Friday evening (watching Dateline and eating popcorn), our Saturday was a bit more enthralling. It was the 3rd day of the Master's, and we watched with anticipation to see who would be the leaders for Sunday. We checked out Nebraska Furniture Mart's viewing of the 3D still has a little way to go, and then we checked out dishwashers, and bedroom sets. No purchases this time, but we're getting closer and closer! Later that evening, we were lucky enough to have the Rubin's over for dinner and game night. It was a pretty wild time, as it always is with Sara and Mike. I believe the night ended up with Mike and I rolling our eyes at our brilliant spouses who believe they are smart enough to come up with billion dollar companies...I have a feeling it was just their drinks talking?! But, hey I guess we'll see!

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day, and after watching Phil Mickelson win the Master's we were off for a walk at our favorite spot, the Arboretum. Its fun to see the trees starting to bud, spring is finally here! We rounded off our weekend by making some yummy caramel corn, which we then devoured in a few hours time. All of that walking built up our appetites!

The Masterminds

Mike shows some muscle

Ryan sporting his Masters shirt and showing off the caramel corn


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