Thursday, April 1, 2010

2nd Annual Austad Easter Egg Hunt

That's right folks, the 2nd Annual Austad Easter Egg Hunt took place this Monday at precisely 7:00 PM! may not be an event that is widely publicized because it just takes place in our apartment, but it does happen to be the 2nd annual egg hunt! Last year, I thought it would be fun to surprise Ryan and make him find Easter eggs and put them in a when I was hanging out at the supermarket the other day and saw easter candy I knew I had to do it again this year. I think he really enjoyed it, and I'm sure its a tradition that has stuck. Happy Easter everyone!

Starting out the egg hunt

Ryan looks really intrigued! Look up high Ryan!

You found them, Way to go!

A picture from 2009's egg hunt. Don't mind the mess on the kitchen table, I was in the middle of putting together my cousin's bridal shower invitations.

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