Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rough Ins

Steady progress continues to be made at our new home! Monday of this week Ryan and I went to meet our friend Rob (and our brother in law's brother in law--figure that one out) for a surround sound speaker rough in. Seeing the house after a few days always amazes us at how much they can get done in a couple day span. The framing of the house is done and the items for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems were in boxes ready to be put to good use. That was Monday...

We went out to the house again last night (Wednesday night) to meet with the builders and have an electrical walk through and within 2 days the HVAC system was done, the electrician was diligently working and the plumbing was 90% installed. It truly is amazing to see all of the inner workings of our home. Knowing now where the electrical wiring is, and how the plumbing works, makes me realize even more that we are building this house from the ground up. The windows are in, and the exterior doors are there too. Opening up that big front door right now seems so crazy to think we'll be welcoming our guests through that exact same space within a couple months. Let the details begin!

Sara is enjoying the house already!

Ryan is showing them the layout


Sara tests out the guest bath

Just having a good time at the bar

Our Front Door!
Welcome to the Austad's!

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