Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Movin' on Up.....North.

Well everyone, the cat is officially out of the bag. We're moving! Yes, that's right...didn't we just build a house and move in? We sure did. And now we're packing things up and moving yet again. Here's a little timeline of how things have gone in the past months/weeks-hence the absence of posts.

October 18th: We found out about the possible move. I won't forget this day and exactly what I was doing when Ryan called and told me that he had a meeting. I was in the kitchen, looking down at our wood floors, browning meat for tacos and my mind started swirling. Move?! What?! My head really couldn't wrap around the idea.

October 25th: Exactly one week later, after 7 days of pros and cons of both locations, I had a small meltdown. This was a big decision. BIG...and that's when I decided I wanted somebody else to make this decision for us. Both Omaha and Minneapolis were good places to live and work and raise a family.

October 29th: Woke up this morning with my first ever migraine. We needed to make a decision-before my head is pulled apart bit by bit.

October 31: Halloween. Ryan and I go on a nice long walk-it was unseasonably warm. Things are becoming clearer and God is holding our hand and guiding our way.

November 4: Meet with Realtor-get good info about possibly selling our house.

November 5-7: Visit to Minneapolis to scout out the area.

November 8: Final decision made, tell family. House officially on the market

November 9: Tell Friends and my work. For Sale sign goes up in our front yard.

November 12: First showing at our house.

November 13: Breathe

After writing it all out, I really can't believe it'll be a month tomorrow since all of this happened. I guess God has a crazy way of leading us through life. Ryan and I are so excited about this new adventure and we are really grateful for the opportunity to live in a place like Minneapolis. Plus, I couldn't be more proud of my husband-a great promotion in this economy is such a fantastic gift. I know Ryan does a wonderful job at Gallup, and I am so happy for him. It is bittersweet leaving family here in Omaha (that's you mike and sara), and all of the memories we've made. But we know that we have so much ahead of us.

Our next tasks for life, finding me a job and a place to rent/live.

Foreshadowing? Maybe so :)

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