Monday, November 29, 2010

We'll Miss You Grandma

Farewell My Precious Grandmother

Farewell My Precious Grandmother
Your Race On E
arth Is Done
You Now Live In Heaven
With God And His Gracious Son
Although My Heart Mourns For You
And My Eyes Are Filled With Tears
I Am Thankful That I Had You
To Love And Guide Me Through The Years
You Were Always An Inspiration
Your Strength, It Knew No Bounds
I Know That God Has Blessed You
With Many Heavenly Crowns
So Farewell My Precious Grandmother
You Will Always Be In My Heart
I Will Remember Your Gentle Teachings
From Which I’ll Never Part

My grandmother passed away on Monday, November 22nd. My sister was able to fly back on Sunday night and we drove to Columbus to see her in time before she passed away

. I will miss her so much. Grandma taught me strength and caring. She never missed a dance recital, marching band performance, basketball game or concert. Grandma always sent a card on every birthday, we would go to craft fairs together and have birthday breakfasts. Grandma loved to dance with my grandpa, and she loved to bake. I will never forget being at my grandparents house every Christmas Eve. The smell of gingerbread and hot coffee, will forever keep her in my heart. Love you lots Grandma, and miss you more.

My grandparents at my cousin, Nikki's Wedding

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