Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting' Crafty

This post is way over due. (no baby joke intended)

Since I purchased my new tiny white sewing machine, I figured I needed to use it as well! So, I went to work making some fun crafts for my friend Jeannine's baby shower. At first, I was just going to make the hat out of the flowers that I had previously created. It turned out so great, that I decided to make a bib. After finding just the right flowered fabric, I carefully cut out the flowers and sewed them on the corner of the bib. :) I was pretty excited about the bib!

And then- the onesie. This was a bit tougher as the pink fabric of the sweetheart letters was much lighter than the bib flowers. But they sewed on nicely, and I added a few small beads for an extra sparkle. Everything was packed up and sent out to Jeannine's baby shower to await her little lady in January!

Crackers not necessary when sewing- but they sure do taste yummy.

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