Friday, August 26, 2011

Ahhhh Summer

Summer isn't my favorite season. There I said it.

Actually, fall is my favorite, hands down. When I think of fall I get all tingly warm inside. Sweaters, football games, leaves falling, pumpkins, pumpkin bars, turkey, Thanksgiving, etc. I love everything fall.

In the ranks of my favorite seasons, Summer usually falls last. It's Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer for me. However- I must say this summer has been one of my all-time favorites. Maybe its because we've really taken advantage of outdoor activities, or maybe its because there haven't been too many days of 100 degree heat (sorry Texas). Or maybe its just because my outlook on the season itself has changed. Whatever it is, Spring better watch its back- summer's rising up in the ranks! :)

Here's a list of my favorite things this summer:

This Guy- he's always up for an activity no matter how hot it is.

Firepit- we invested in a small firepit from Lowe's at the beginning of the summer, and let's just say it's definitely gotten good use!

S'mores/Margaritas- an unlikely combination, but something we've indulged in this summer.

Nature- we've taken notice of all of our lovely nature friends in our backyard this summer. Like this cardinal (bad picture) along with squirrels and rabbits.

Buffalo Wild Wings Tuesday Wing Nights- While there are no pictures of the actual wings (we probably ate them too fast) Ryan and I enjoyed a few summer Tuesday night dinners at BWW. He just loves when I take random pictures of him. :)

So there you have it. Some of my favorite things about this summer! Not to mention we also closed on our Minnesota house and sold our Nebraska house- those also top the list. :)

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