Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lola Goes to Work

Back at the beginning of the summer, Colle+McVoy hosted a "Take Your Dog to Work" day. I definitely couldn't pass this up! Come on, a whole day to bring your dog to work, and show off her cuteness?- Yes Please!

So Lola decided to come with me to work- I gave her the option after telling her that she was going to have to help me proof some documents and look through a few spreadsheets. She obliged.

Here she is getting ready for her big day- briefcase and all.

Just got to the office- time to get to work!

.... or not.

After some playtime, she got down to business.

And then took a little siesta after all of that work!

She made time for a brainstorming session with a fellow co-worker.

And then it was lunch on the rooftop before heading out for the day.

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