Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lola is the New Michael Phelps

I don't mean to brag....but we've got the world's best swimmer on our hands.

Sorry Michael Phelps.

In all reality, Lola is the best swimmer! I was hesitant to let her swim at first (yeah yeah "new puppy mom" jitters), so Ryan surprised me one day when he told me that he and Lola went for a walk and she dove right into the water on her own!

I still have a hard time believing that Ryan didn't convince her by throwing a stick or something equally fun into the water. But the fact that she is drawn to the water and swimming, made me feel a little more comfortable. So, I told him that the next time its nice, I'd go with them to see this for myself.

Little did I know that our little lady was the example of agility in the water. Ryan would throw a stick into the lake, and .2 seconds later Lola was diving in after it. She would get to the stick and paddle back to us as fast as her little legs could go. I was impressed. However, at one point I think she got disoriented and got pretty far out there, swimming towards the fountain in the middle of the lake. She turned back after many shouts of "treat" and "come on Lola!". She always runs after us when we Ryan and I were running back and forth on the little path as quickly as we could. People probably thought we were nuts. I guess she was just testing her limits...preparation for teenagers someday?

After seeing her swim, I feel more comfortable with her near the water. She has been swimming off of the shore of the lake now dozens of times. However- off of a dock is a different story- blog post to come. :)

Shake it, Shake Shake Shake, Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture!

Here is the moment she was swimming a bit too far. Maybe I should've put down my camera earlier?

Back on land :)

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