Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Culinary Fridays

Ryan and I have discovered a love for lounging and eating this summer. Both go well with a beautiful summer evening. Along with the eating, comes the cooking, or...preparing. And a lot of our Friday nights this summer have included a quick trip to the store for something to eat and then to EP Liquor for a bottle (or two) of wine. You can't buy alcohol in supermarkets in Minnesota-just mixers and low %volume alcohol drinks, we grew accustomed to just picking wine up along with our grocery store visits in Nebraska. So now that you think we're completely winos...I'll continue with my blog post.

On this particular evening we picked up some Havarti cheese and these fancy flat bread crackers.

Paired with our cheese and crackers was this bottle of Firestone Sauvignon Blanc. Firestone holds a special place in our hearts (cheesy much?) because it was the first vineyard we had ever experienced together when I visited Ryan the summer he interned in California.

After our appetizer of cheese/crackers and wine...we made a hearty bruschetta for dinner.

But we ate it too fast to get a picture of it. Sorry.

We broke out a bottle of red and relaxed the night away!

Even Lola was relaxed.
(p.s. the blankets on the couch are a nice touch aren't they? They do their job by keeping little black Lola hairs off!)

Its been so nice to hang out and drink wine on our porch this summer. In less than 4 months this deck will be entirely covered with snow. :) Crazy!

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