Thursday, April 5, 2012

Leap Day Snow!

With the wonderful spring weather we've been having lately, I can't believe my pictures when I look to the last day of February and see this...

Yep, we had a freak Leap Day Snowstorm on the last day of February, and we haven't seen snow since then! Ha, take that winter! As you all know, I do like me some snow...but I like snow when its November/December, I'm inside curled up by the fire with hot chocolate in my hand, a good book to read and Lola curled up at my feet.

Not when its 1 week before Easter! And in the Midwest, that has definitely happened before! Let's hope that the snow is gone for good this year....of course until November :)

Ryan and I have a bet, I don't remember what we actually bet, but I said we wouldn't get another snow this winter/spring. I think I'm winning :)

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