Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stephy's Visit

I love love love when we have visitors. Did you get that? I LOVE IT! It may be the motherly instinct in me that wants to be able to focus on others and give them a fun, relaxed and enjoyable stay. I like to take care of people, and I think its a fun change of pace to have a visitor.

Luckily, I get this opportunity when my friend Steph comes to visit us in Minnesota! She comes for work about 3 times a year and last time she was here for Halloween. This year, she was able to join us in the beginning of March, and we had a blast! We went shopping one day and found these adorable owl mugs. Of course, we purchased them!

We had a great time with Stephy and are hoping to plan a trip to Dallas this fall! YAY! :)

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