Saturday, April 23, 2011

Presenting: The 3rd Annual Austad Family Easter Egg Hunt

Here it is...what you've been waiting for for the past 364 days- Pictures from the 3rd Annual Austad Family Easter Egg Hunt!

If you are new to the blog, you probably haven't heard of this before. Let me give you a little background. When Ryan and I were first married, I was really gung-ho about starting new traditions as a family. There were many things swirling around in my mind-Austad Family pancakes on Saturday mornings, Austad Family Christmas Cookie Baking Night, Austad Family Art Night, and so on and so on. While some of those have materialized into true traditions, the Austad Family Easter Egg Hunt was a total fluke!

It was April 2009 when I got home from work at looked around our 1 bedroom apartment and thought I'd do something fun for my husband. I threw a few jelly beans in some eggs, hid them, and then left a basket by our front door. Thankfully Ryan was ready to play along and I took pictures as he went- laughing the whole time since it was so funny that I was making him do the hunt since we didn't have kids.

I reprised the Easter Egg Hunt last year and called it the 2nd Annual Austad Family Easter Egg Hunt or 2nd Annual AFEEH for short. Again, it was kind of a joke, but kind of cute all at the same time. So I decided to carry on the tradition again this year....after all our family has grown by 1! So Lola got to take part in this year's 3rd Annual AFEEH. And we had a BLAST! I think this funny tradition has stuck.

Lola's ready for the Hunt! Greeting Ryan at the door.

Quick photo-op before the hunt begins!

Here we go!

Good find Ryan!

Do you see the one hiding under the lamp?

YAY! A Full Easter Basket.

Teaching Lola to not eat the Easter Egg but the treat that came out of it- see floor.

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