Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Lost Blog Part 4

Our First Thanksgiving!!!
…as a married couple. For most holidays, Ryan and I have spent them with our own separate families. In this past, Ryan and I have spent a few Easters together and one Thanksgiving in South Carolina with Ryan’s family. So this year, we switched it up and spent Thanksgiving with my family in Columbus, NE. It was such a great time…and we really enjoyed the relaxing time it was. We learned the Thomas family recipe for gravy and Ryan even helped my dad with the dishes! It was a fabulous time!!! A lot of football was watched, turkey was eaten and I think its quite safe to say that we stuffed ourselves silly! We went to the movie, Blind Side as well while we were visiting and I think we would both agree that it is a movie everyone must see. Such a heart-warming story with a big message! We hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!

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