Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Lost Blog Part 5

Our “Christmasy” Place

I have to say that the Christmas season always brings to mind such wonderful memories for us. Not only does this time of year remind us of Jesus’ birth, but also as the beginning of our journey as husband and wife. Only a year ago we were gearing up for our wedding ceremony and reception…and as the days got closer, the snow fell, and the Christmas decorations went up, and the anticipation mounted. This year, we put up our own Christmas tree and decorated our apartment. It was interesting to see the different ways we both interpreted Christmas-time. Ryan wanted a simple tree, while I was more inclined to really go “all out.” So…we compromised, I got my silver ting ting and Ryan got his traditional Christmas ornaments, and I have to say that everything turned out just wonderful. It’s funny how a string of lights or an old ornament can bring back so many fond memories. Enjoy this holiday season and everything it has to offer! Take it all in this time of year, for it seems to go by too fast.

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