Saturday, January 9, 2010

Really? 1 year already?

This weekend, Ryan and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary. Yes, that's right, 1 year! I can't believe it either! It went by so fast, but was filled with so many wonderful experiences, moments of laughter, love and learning. I can remember this time last year, the Friday before the wedding. I believe we were decorating at the church at exactly this time, enjoying our good family friend, Norma's kolaches and putting together the final touches. The boys were only given specific tasks...see below. And then we enjoyed a nice lunch together before finishing up the decorations and heading to the rehearsal.

Our wedding day was everything we hoped for and more. The weather cooperated by bringing some snow (a light dusting if I remember correctly) but nothing too serious so our guests could still attend. The girls got ready at the salon, while the boys set out the favors at the reception site. I can still remember sitting at the salon watching all of my bridesmaids getting their hair done, I donned a wide smile and a happy heart for the rest of the day.

What a wonderful blessing we have in each other. There isn't a day that goes by, that I don't thank my lucky stars that I found such a wonderful man. Ryan is truly my other half. I can't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else, and I am already imagining our future together.

Thank you to our friends and family for being a part of our growth as a married couple. There are many lessons you have taught us, and for that, we are grateful.

Lunch Break!

Boys showing off their decorating skills
(Jared, Tyson, Ryan and Jason)
my brothers, my husband and soon to be brother in law!

The girls get ready at the salon

Our first glance at each other on the day of
our wedding. Can't you tell I'm excited?!

Saying our Vows and Exchanging Rings

Bouquet Toss!

Mr. & Mrs. At Last!
Happy 1 Year Anniversary Ryan!

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