Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Lost Blog Part 7

Christmas Goodies
Sooooo…..I learned a lesson this year. Less is More. Waking up this Saturday in a very festive Christmas mood, I decided it was about time to make some Christmas goodies and treats of my own. I had watched my mom, aunts and grandma make such delicious treats over the past 24 years of my life…so why not me? However, what they didn’t share with me was the work that it takes to complete these fabulous goodies. Here’s a small timeline of my Saturday:

11:30AM- decide that I would like to make some goodies
12:00 NOON- A trip to the store for my heavy artillery
12:45- Ryan makes lunch and I make a game plan
1:00 PM- Start to make chocolate covered pretzels
1:45 PM- finish pretzels, onto making dough for sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies
2:00 PM- set pretzels in freezer to set, start to make inside of chocolate truffles
2:45 PM- decide that I have made too much of a mess and clean a bit before tackling the peanut butter kisses.
3:15 PM- take peanut butter kisses out of the oven (whew 2 things down, 2 to go)
3:45 PM- dip truffles in outside chocolate and add snowflake sprinkles
4:00 PM- cut out sugar cookie dough and bake (note to self for 2010…do not place cutouts too close together-they might bake into each other)
4:30 PM- sugar cookies out of oven, start to frost
4:45 PM- Clean, clean, wash dishes and clean and sit on the couch to relax.

After almost 4 hours of baking, I was done! Everything turned out great!!! But maybe next year I’ll split it up into a 2-3 day task!

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