Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Walk By The River

With Thanksgiving last Thursday and the great deal of time spent with family, there sure was a lot of good food to go around. Pumpkin and Cherry Pie, Turkey, Cranberry Salad, Stuffing, Rolls, Green Been Casserole, Yams, and Mashed potatoes, were just a sampling of what we had ingested over the past 2 days and our pants were busting at the seam. So Saturday morning, Ryan decided it was time to go out and do something active.

After a quick phone call to Sara, we were off to Fontenelle Forest for a mid morning hike. It felt so nice to get outside and move around after stuffing ourselves silly. The air was crisp and there were signs of winter on its way. We took a few different trails that led us down by the river, and Ryan had fun throwing tree limbs and sticks into the fast-moving current. After a good 3 mile hike we headed back to the car and everyone's legs felt like jelly. What a reward for a little bit of exercise!

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