Sunday, April 17, 2011

Patio Project

I took advantage of a fluke 70 degree day here in Minnesota and decided to put together a little project to beautify our patio area. The old owners of our house left a few odds and ends around the house. Not sure if they were just that sweet and wanted to leave us a few things, they were too busy with their newborn daughter, or these things were buried under 12 inches of snow at the time they moved and they completely forgot about them. Either way...they have now become ours.

As I was cleaning up our backyard, I noticed a few sad looking clay pots underneath our deck.

They had definitely seen better days. Thankfully, I had already decided to spruce them up. How exactly...I wasn't sure. But then I started unpacking (yes there are a few more boxes I have left unpacked) a box in the garage. And Eureka! It hit me! I found my cute 3-piece planter set that I had purchased last spring at our Omaha apartment.

After a trip to Menard's and my key lime spray paint in hand,

it was time for a clay pot makeover. Thankfully, Miss Lola was "on deck" (pun totally intended) ready to lend a helping paw in case I would need it. I scrubbed the pots of all the yucky winter dirt first so the spray paint would stick.

Then, I found a good corner of the yard, laid down a moving box and got my spray paint groove on.

After a few coats, here is what they look like!

I'm pretty excited about them, and already planted a few wildflower seeds in them. Hopefully, the freak wet snowstorm we had this past weekend won't ruin them!

Over all, a $3 can of spray paint made such a difference, I decided to paint an old brown plastic pot we had too. My theme for the deck this summer will be key lime green and blue- so be watching for the full transformation come June/July!

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