Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

Did anybody else watch "The Christmas Story" movie as much as my family? I'm pretty sure I could quote the entire thing if you asked me. We had a funny Christmas Story moment about a week ago as all of the snow melted off our roof and formed these ridiculous icicles.

You know which scene I'm talking about now, don't you? Where Ralphie goes outside with his new Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred Shot Range Model Air Rifle BB Gun, and blames his broken glasses on an icicle?

As Ryan was nearing the icicle, I could almost hear the mother's voice in me say, "Those icicles have been known to kill people."

Thankfully, Ryan came away without a scratch.

Posing with his prize possession- it was probably around 4.5 feet long.

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