Friday, April 22, 2011


We really do partake in other things outside of our new puppy, but that seems to be all I can write about lately. I guess when a new little member of the family enters, they take center stage. For all those moms out there- I give you 2 HUGE thumbs up. You Rock, You're the Best, and someday I hope to be half as good a Mom to my kids.

Having Lola here has really put things into perspective for me. I'll come right out and say it- I romanticize things often. Whew- that felt good to get out. When I think about babies, I think about them cooing and smiling, little adorable flowered onesies and laughter at bath time. I think about how I'd tote my little one around in the stroller on a warm summer day and in my daydream I am perfectly groomed, no stray hair or spit up stain in site. husband on the other hand is the realistic one. As many of you know, Lola has definitely served her purpose as OBD. (Operation Baby Deferral) He's a smart one, that Ryan, and he knows me well. I'm not saying that having a puppy is anything like a baby. I can draw similarities, however I'm very thankful that I haven't had to change Lola's diaper and she can do her thing outside.

I've realized that it takes A LOT of work to raise something/one you care so much about. Of course we had dogs in our family when we were kids, and so did Ryan. But Lola is the very first pet we've had together that our parents haven't been the sole caretakers for. Its awesome in every sense of the word.

Don't get me wrong, Lola has been a super easy puppy. She's housebroken now (at only 3 months old) and she pretty much sleeps through the night in her own kennel. She only whines or barks when she has to go out at 5 AM. She does her duty and then goes right back to her kennel and sleeps until we're ready to get up with her. She's a breeze to train, and has already mastered many tricks.

I'm so glad I had this opportunity to be a caretaker before we have real human babies of our own. Even though that's probably down the road a few years, I have taken away something from this experience that I never thought I would- the growth of giving of yourself. Giving your time, your patience, giving your heart to something that will change your life forever.

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